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(New) The Unfolding Story Of God’s Salvation Plan

Teachers: Eld. Corby Alexander, Eld.Don Bennett, and Bro.Chris Wren

This study, based on selected Old Testament Scriptures, will facilitate growth in knowledge and relationship with God. This knowledge should result in changed behavior as the class explores the origin of sin and how to deal with it in our lives; how God set free His people of old; God’s moral law; recognizing the tragic cycle in which lives are often trapped; unity as an essential in the home, church, and community, and discovering the inner renewing that is available from God.

(New) Tapping Into The Power of the Holy Spirit

Teachers: Missy. Debbie Webb, Missy. Linda Owens, and Eld. Anthony Eagleton

Do you want to experience more spiritual power in your life? Are you wondering why God anoints us and empowers us with His Holy Spirit? If the answer to these questions is “YES”, then this is the class for you. This study of the Holy Spirit is designed not only to enhance your knowledge of who HE is, but for you to experience HIS transforming power and presence in your everyday life.

Bible Survey – The Book of Jeremiah

Teachers: Sis. Kathy Teal, Eld. David Walker and Missy. Ava Howard

The message of the book of Jeremiah is denunciation, invitation, and consolation. Jeremiah had to speak to the people of God and deliver a message of repentance and rebuke. As a result of Jeremiah’s obedience, God gave him a passion for the people. This book shows us that God requires holiness, denounces sin, and HE awaits our repentance to restore our relationship with HIM.

Traditional – Covenant In God

Teacher: Eld. Pierre Monero

Covenants promise that debts will be paid or services will be performed regardless of the situation in which the parties may find themselves after the contract is finalized. During this quarter, we will develop a clearer understanding as to why our relationship with God through Christ is expressed as a covenant.