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Ruth: Virtuous Woman Pursuing Destiny (NEW)

Teachers: Sis. Charmeshia Wren, Missy. Queen Phillips, and Sis. Diane Pinkney

This class will walk through the book of RUTH and discover pearls of wisdom. Wisdom to hold on to reach your destiny. This class study will examine the lives of Naomi, Ruth, and Orpah and the life decisions that defined their destiny.

A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23

Teachers: Missy. Ava Howard, Eld. Anthony Eagleton, and Eld. Boris Caldwell

As we lie down in green pastures or walk through the shadowy valley, we’re assured that whatever our path, whatever our stumbling, the Shepherd will lovingly guide, carry, and protect us. We can depend on His goodness and mercy all the days of our lives. This class study will provide insight into how God deals with us as His sheep and reveal the awe of God’s tenderloving sacrificial care for each of us as our “Good Shepherd”.

“Jesus, The ONE Who Transforms (NEW)

Teachers: Bro. Jerry Bluitt, Bro. Charles Moody, & Missy. Emma Miller

This class study will peruse the scriptures highlighting God’s plan of transforming man through the names and life of Jesus. The origin of God’s plan was prior to the incarnate Christ. It is the love God had for man and the desire to have relationship and fellowship with HIS creation- man. Transformation of man is the path back to God.

Now! Behold the Lamb

Teacher: Eld. Korey Eagleton

There can be no greater sight to see, no greater man to cast our eyes upon that “Jesus”. Jesus bore the likeness of a lamb in that He is harmless, innocent, meek, lowly, and totally submissive to the purpose and plan of God. This class will focus on the life of “Jesus Christ” – his birth, infancy, childhood, beginning ministry, opposition, crucifixion, resurrection, appearances, teachings and ascension.

Traditional – “Justice and the Prophets

Teacher: Missy. Linda Owens

The lessons this quarter will explore through the Old Testament prophets,”the day of the Lord”, God’s promises of a just Kingdom and God’s call to justice.