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(NEW) Daughters Without Rivalry: Knowing Your Identity

Teachers: Sis. Charmeshia Wren, Missy. Debbie Webb, & Sis. Deitra Brown

Do you truly embrace your identity and purpose in Christ in an age of confusion and comparison? Do you know how God sees you and truly acknowledge how God sees others? Do you want to know how to avoid feeling judged and how to avoid judging others? Do you recognize the lies of the enemy that assault your mind concerning God’s purpose for your life? If you have answered “yes” or like to know more about any of these questions, then you want to be a part of this exciting thought provoking class on “Daughters Without Rivalry: Knowing Your Identity.”

The Manifestation & Character of the Holy Spirit (The Fruit Of the Spirit)

Teachers: Missy. Emma Miller, Sis. Velma Bennett, & Sis. Shirley Alfred

The Fruit of the Spirit is a physical manifestation of a Christian’s transformed life. This class will examine the nine visible attributes of the Holy Spirit and their effect on a believer’s life. Does your fruit look appetizing?

Not Guilty

Teachers: Sis. Linda Godfrey, Sis. Kathy Teal, and Eld. Pierre Monero

The Doctrine of Justification by Faith is fundamental to a biblical understanding of the gospel. This class will focus on Justification by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ, while reviewing the Old and New Covenants through scripture.

Promise Keeper (Our Covenant God)

Teachers: Bro. Jerry Bluitt, Bro. Charles Moody, and Sis. Yvonne Eagleton

“Everything God does is based on His covenant.” In a culture in which unfaithfulness and betrayal are rampant, God’s fierce, ferocious loyalty to His people is difficult to imagine. This class study will lead you into discovering the stunning truth of God’s covenant and help you experience its revolutionary power in your life. When you understand how thoroughly the dynamic concept of “covenant” permeates everything God says in His Word, and everything He does in your life, you’ll come to experience the freeing truth that in every circumstance you can trust the “Promise Keeper”, our Covenant God.

Traditional – Discipleship and Mission

Teacher: Missy. Queen Phillips

The words vocation and avocation describe activities that shape individualities. For the believer, one’s true calling has nothing to do with earning a living. Careers are avocations while our true vocation is following Jesus. This quarter’s lessons will encourage true life change. When someone asks, “What do you do?” may all vocational believers – all disciples – be prepared to give the right answer! “I am a follower of Christ.”